Saturday, September 26, 2009

"I now pronounce you...husband and wife!"

That's right!! Marcus and I are married!! Wow! It is all over.
Friday night was so much fun. We had our rehearsal first. (I started to cry a bit during that!!) I was just so excited. Then we had our dinner. The food was great and everyone had a good time! We told stories and Marcus and I gave out gifts for our bridal party and family. Then was the party. I think everyone had a good time. We had the DJ there, a bar, a "sweet" bar (candy, cookies, brownies, chips etc.), and a great crowd of people. It was nice to see everyone talking and getting to know each other. What I really liked to see was that my Greenwood friends got along with my Woodbridge friends. I don't think I have ever danced that much in one night. :)

Dad and I "practicing"

Heidi, me and Alexiea getting ready to rehearse.

This is the candy table.
Amy, Sophia, Oma and Dad at the party on Friday night.

Marcus' grooms cake. Fun huh?!
Dancing the night away!! Amy, Heidi, Erin, me, Marcus and Alexiea

Surprisingly I fell asleep and was not anxious!! Just SOOOO tired! I had a "slumber party" with my Aunt Sally and we talked for about an hour and fell right to sleep! Marcus had to leave right at 12:00AM and he went back home and slept at our house with his brother.

The next morning was a lot of fun! Heidi, Jen, Sally and my mom surprised me with breakfast in bed and champagne with orange juice! It was sooooo sweet of them!! Then we went to get our hair done.
Just waking up on my wedding day!!

Finished product.

So then it was time to get ready and get MARRIED!! I was SO CALM! It was unbelievable!! Once we got back to the hotel, I had a couple of my Mary Kay girls come and do my make up. They did such a great job!! Then it was getting my dress on, seeing my dad, and walking downstairs! Right as I was going to leave the room, my phone rang and it was Marcus. So when I answered he was freaking out!! Nobody had told him where he needed to be and when so when he tried to call people, nobody was answering!! So I calmed him down and told him where to go and that I would see him VERY soon!!

Getting my make-up done My dress right before I put her on.

The ceremony was amazing! It was 7 minutes long!! YES...7 MINUTES! That is exactly what we wanted though. We just wanted to get the party started!! I honestly could not tell you much about it though. It is good to see pictures because I was so focused on Marcus that I missed everything else!!

Marcus and his mom walking down the aisle
Dad giving me away!!
The kiss!!

The reception was GREAT! Everyone eventually danced after we ate and did the speeches. The food was AMAZING and yes, I ate everything! I have heard many times that the bride and groom don't ever finish their food but Marcus and I made sure we did! We were able to go around and talk to everyone as well which was nice. Heidi caught my bouquet and Zac caught the garter. At the end of the night, I wanted the DJ to play "Last Dance" and that would be it but everyone that was on the dance floor started yelling..."ONE MORE SONG...ONE MORE SONG..." and she did!! It was so nice that nobody wanted to leave! I know Marcus and I didn't!

"For the first time....Mr. and Mrs. Agee!!"
Dad and I dancing to "What a Wonderful World"
Marcus and his mom dancing
Heidi's speechZac's speech
Our wedding cake

Charlie's Angles!Mom and Dad dancing

Obviously these are not the professional pictures. I should be getting those soon so I will post some then as well. Thank you for everyone that has taken pictures. It is so great to see everything!

Well...until next time!!