Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here are some pictures from Miami. We had a great time and cannot wait to go back!

We ate lunch at a side walk restaurant. Thats when we noticed that Marcus and Dad have the same hat! ha

I love this picture of mom. She looks so happy! This was at South Beach. It was very nice there.

How precious are they?!

This was Marcus and I on our "date night". We were completely burnt but we had a great night.

Here we are on a random side beach looking out to the city of Miami. Thanks so much mom and dad for letting us come!

Chase was bummed we were leaving! We miss him!!

Oh and Nooget is doing great!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Oh I might be a little out of the loop but I just joined Skype last night. I got so excited so I called Mom. I told her the steps to download it for herself. She of course is WAY out of the loop and had no idea what was going on. So finally after 20 minutes of her computer loading and downloading, she got it. There I was like I was in the next room. We talked for like 20-30 minutes. We had so much fun. She showed me her new apartment, Chase came out to play until I scared him and he went to hide under the chair! haha Well today Marcus and I went over to Rich and Jen's house for dinner. *Thanks again guys!!* I brought our computer and right after dinner we turned Skype on. I called mom and told her to get on right away. Once she got on, I surprised her with Rich and Jen. She was so excited!! We all were too. We showed her R/J's new shed and their garden. After that, we all just talked for about 20 minutes. Once it started to get a bit dark, we had to say goodbye. Mom even had a small tear! It was sweet! It stinks to be so far apart but be able to still see each other is amazing. Granted, mom doesn't really understand where the camera is so we see a lot of the ceiling and her eyes but that's fine with us!

Marcus and I are "leaving on a jet plane" in a couple of weeks to see mom and dad in Miami. We are VERY excited! Mom has a lot of plans for us already. I don't know how we are going to get it all done in the short amount of time we are there! But it will still be great to just sit on the couch with them.

On another great note, Marcus and I have a place to live when our lease is up!! A friend of mine's mother has a condo that she is renting and she is renting it to us!! It is a 2 bedroom, 2 full bath loft with a den. It is perfect for us. We probably won't even have enough furniture yet!! We are excited though. November (YES...I HAVE TO WAIT TILL NOVEMBER!) cannot come soon enough!!

Other than that, nothing is really too new with us. Happy Monday to all and if you have Skype, find me!! :)