Thursday, July 30, 2009

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

So the invites are signed, sealed, and delivered! Check your mailboxes next week cause they should be in there. It was a very long process but I am glad I did them. I hope everyone likes them. I personally love them!
So things are really coming together now. I have been a bit on the stressed side lately though. I have been having little panic attacks off and on. I just have so much on my mind. I have a "list" in my head of things that need to be done and it overwhelms me! You see on TV that wedding planning can be a bit stressful but I guess they edit the REALLY stressful parts out. And I thought picking a color was hard!! I just want everyone to have a great time. Which, might I add, is a very hard thing to do. I want it to be the wedding of my dreams and also a great party for my family and friends.'s a lot of pressure! I think, if I was to do this all over, I would've gotten a wedding planner. I just assumed I could take all of the responsibility on myself. I was wrong! Granted, it will all come together but it is just hard to keep things straight! And with this being my first time planning such a big event, I don't really know the proper steps for all of this. They don't say this stuff in the "wedding planning books"!
So we definitely have a busy schedule ahead of us! Next month (as in August) we are jammed packed with appointments. I have dress fittings, hair trials, tux fittings, cake meetings, DJ meetings....should I go on?! Our calendar is booked!! I am glad we are finally down to the wire though...I cannot wait to see how things panned out.
Well enjoy the invites and I cannot wait to get responces back!!

Enjoy the weekend and as always, until next time...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bridal shower fun!

I had a blast at the bridal shower! Heidi did such a great job! I couldn't have asked for anything better! Here are some pictures from that great Sunday!!

Here I am!! Everybody threw "polka dots" at me!

My mom got me and Marcus "Mickey ears" with our names on it. We cannot wait to wear them in Disney when we go!!

I got this awesome picture frame from Amy. Thanks so much! I love it! I need to find the perfect spot for it though!!

Heidi got me ShamWOWs!! I am obviously super excited!!

Here are the girls!! (right to left)

front row: Sally, Julie (mom) Alexiea, Me, Heidi, Edna (mom) Kim, Beth, Julie, Laura Lee

back row: Muffy, Moriah, Gloria, Cathy, Lisa, Robin, Julie, Naomi, Jackie,

It was a great crowd!!

Disney Dollars!

The girls!! Alexiea, me and Heidi

The moms!!

Marcus and I with our hats on!! Don't we look so cute!!

Well 50 more days (or so) left. I recently had a meeting with the DJ to square away some important details about the ceremony and the reception. She let me know that she wants us to have a lot of fun and that is definetly the plan! While I was in Tyson's Mall, I stopped at a couple of hair places to see how much they will charge for wedding day hair. WOW....$250 jsut for an up-do! You have got to be out of your mind!! I did find a great place that was a lot cheaper than that though. Paul Mitchell's school. Yeah, they are students but they are about to graduate to become professionals and I think it would be so gratifying for them to be able to go home and say "I did someones hair for their wedding today". Wouldn't that be such a good feeling? I have no doubts about them at all. I don't think that Mr. Paul would have some random girls/guys in his school to mess up. That would ruin the Mitchell name. What do you think?

I have started to address the invites too so those will be out by the end of next week!! YEAH!! We are getting down to the wire now and getting more and more excited. I hope you guys are as well. Hey, by the many people are reading this?! Leave a comment so I know that there is a point to writing this still!! :)

Well until next time!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

T minus 3 days until my first bridal shower!!

Yep, thats right! Krista's having a party!! I can't believe its here. Heidi and I were just picking out the dates and here it is! I am so excited to see everybody! I have family and friends coming from out of state so it will be very good to see them before the wedding. Some family hasn't met Marcus yet so that will be good too!
Everything is going by so fast its killing me! This week has been a bit hectic around here. We have cleaned the house...sent the DJ the information she needed...I have made my "wedding information" binder and other odds and ends when we have time. The wedding binder is a bit crazy I know, but it will really help to keep things in order for me. I have the dividers in there so I know where to go to get the info I need and it will be good if something does happen (knock on wood) I can have someone use that to call who they will need to. I am all set!!

I have finally got some pictures from the last couple of months so I figured I would share those as well. Marcus and I went to Indiana in June for my friend Jami's wedding so here are some pictures of that trip...ENJOY!

So while in Indy, Marcus and I made time to see an old friend. Leah Taylor...well Matis now. She has a 1 year old son who Marcus and I adore! He is really so adorable so we had to see him!! This is our "disfuctional family photo"! It was so great to visit with Leah and catch up on her and her family's life. Thanks again Leah!!

Here is me and Jami. We met in middle school choir. She sat next to me and we hit it off right away. Her wedding was so beautiful! It was so nice to be able to share that with her and Rick. I cannot wait to see her at ours! :)

Rick and Jami cutting their cake. Isn't it amazing!! I loved her cake topper!! It tasted wonderful too!!

Here we are at Landsharks in Broadripple. Rick works there so we got the VIP treatment! We had a booth, free shots, champagne and great music. It was a great place to meet up! Doesn't Marcus look amazing!!

Here is me, Jami and Erin. It was so great to see them both! I miss those girls so much. I am so happy they are able to come out in September. It means so much to me! I'm a lucky girl to have such great friends!!

Well as always...until next time!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 months from today...we will be Mr. and Mrs. Agee!!

Down to the wire huh?! Things are really coming together too and I'm having fun doing it now! We finally got the timeline of events for that night so we were able to get the DJ all squared away with everything she will need. It is very weird to put things on paper though. As in, how we want to be announced, types of music, the first dance, father/daughter dance...things like that. I can actually imagine things happening which is really nice. I think my excitement has intensified more now than before though. We also added more to our registry. I do have to say, doing that online is much easier than doing it at the store. Marcus and I enjoyed scanning everything but it is a lot more organized on-line. I recommend doing both! :)
A week from today is my bridal shower! So exciting!! I can't wait to see everyone! It should be a good time. I wanted everything in polka-dots and I think Heidi made sure that happened!! We are wearing polka-dot dresses to go with the theme as well...we will be adorable! :) Marcus will be going with "the guys" to a baseball game that day so they will be out of the way for the whole day! It will be nice to have a girls day!!
So the checklists are going down...but still a lot to do. I am feeling really good about everything though so no more stress. :) Now is the time for fun!!!

Until next time!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

72 days and counting!

Wow...I can't believe we are getting so close! I can remember last year saying "Oh man...10 months until the wedding!" I didn't think it would go so fast! Everyone always said "It will be here before you know it..." and I never believed them!! Now I wish I had more time!! ha ha We don't have too much to do but there is still that little stuff that you don't think of until the last minute!
I had my first fitting the other day and it went very well! Not too much to alter so that is nice. My mother and Mrs. Weishoff came with me. It was good to have the extra eyes with us and we love her company as well!! I have about 4 more appointments with her and then I get my "baby" back. It was a bit hard to let her go!! I couldn't stop thinking of what would happen if there was a flood in her basement or a fire...or paint splashes all over it. I was a bit insane leaving! I hope I kept it in well though!

So the next step is getting those invites out. I think putting everything in that envelope will be the most time consuming!! Anybody want to help?! I could always use a dozen more hands!! My shower is coming up this month too! I am very excited. It will be nice to relax for a day from the planning! friend from Indiana just had a baby so if you know Stefanie Oswalt, make sure you tell her congrats. She had a beautiful baby boy...William Sawyer Oswalt. He was 7lbs and 9oz. The baby and Stefanie are doing very well.

Well until next time!