Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well I haven't written for a while...because.......................


What a life changer huh? We named him Duncan. He is a Yorkie/Bichon which is hyper allergenic because Marcus is highly allergic to any pet with dander. We got him last month and he was just about 2 months old. Potty training is going slowly but surely!! So much energy in this little guy!! 

We were on the look out for a dog and we went to a couple of pounds and I swear, that song was playing the whole time...."In the arms of an angel..." These poor dogs looked so pitiful!! We couldn't find one that was young enough or that Marcus could stand being around for more than 5 minutes. When we got home feeling defeated, I went online and googled "YORKIE PUPPIES" and there he was! We found him on EBAY!! I called the woman right away and told her we would be there to pick him up that Saturday. Right when we walked in he was staring at us! When we picked him up, he showered us with kisses!! We fell in love right away! The first night was a disaster to say the least!! We got him a little kennel (which we call his "room") and was told by many to make sure to put him in there every night because if you get him in the habit now, he won't assume that he can sleep with us all the time. So that's what we did...put him right in his room when it was bed time. He was out within 15 minutes!! He sounded like he was dying! He was so upset! So the next night we kept him in there...45 minutes of listening to a poor puppy cry and killed us but he did it. The nights that followed weren't as bad. He finally got used to it!! Now don't get me wrong, he won't go in there on command right now but he won't fuss in there anymore! 

Marcus took him to the vet the other day to get his puppy shots and such and from what Marcus told me he was a complete gentleman. All of the girl nurses fell in love! Then again, how can you not!! He is 6 pounds, loves to get his puppy pedicure, and took the shots like a champ! We were so proud! ha ha

He loves cardboard. Loves boxes, Christmas boxes, toilet rolls, paper towel rolls, anything that is brown and he can chew up into LITTLE pieces to make it hard for me to pick up! He also loves shoes. He won't chew them up, he will just stick his head in them and spin around like a crazy man!! Marcus loves mountain dew and so does Duncan! Can, bottle, it doesn't matter to him! He will lick it like it was meant for him!! LOVES ice! He will chew on it for days if it didn't melt on him first. I don't think he understands steps very well. He will walk up them but if you need to go down them, make sure he is in your arms! 
                                                                  Duncan's first picture!
                                                         Duncan trying out his bowl!

                                                                      First "family" photo