Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting to be that time of the year!!

Nooget loved the tree!! She was staring at us almost the whole time we were putting it up!! We had a good time putting it up too. Marcus' brother Zac came over to hang out and he helped us a lot!!
So here she is in all her glory!! Like it? We put up our stockings too... We got one for Nooget as well...she is a part of our family!! And you never know...Santa might bring something for her too!! :)
My holiday party for work is on Thursday. Marcus and I can't wait. Last year was a blast and we are going to the same place, Sea Catch Restaurant. It is in DC...open bar...open raw bar...buffet...dancing...its a really good time.
T-minus 17 more days until Christmas!! :)