Monday, March 23, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival

It's that time of year again. The Cherry Blossom Festival is going to be up and running starting March 28-April 12. Marcus and I went there last year and had the best time. Everyone is just so happy and there are kites flying is busy but it is totally worth it. Taking the metro is always an option but it is very packed. I would recommend this to everyone!! Marcus and I will be getting our engagement photos done there in April. Here are some pictures that I took last year...
The kites flying around the monument.

The Cherry Blossoms wrapping around the water

My favorite picture!!

It is an amazing time and I do suggest anyone and everyone come to check it out. It is definetly worth it. Even if you can't make the festival, come to see them in bloom. They are beautiful!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So good news...Marcus and I are going to Orlando, Florida for our honeymoon!! We are so excited! It is not a "Disney" trip but we will be visiting Mickey and Minnie for a couple of days. We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Villa. It is amazing! There are animals right in the backyard...yes Giraffes will be there too! (!) It is more of a condo feel rather than the hotel which is so great! Dad really found the perfect spot for us. Below is a picture of what the A.K.V. look like. Amazing huh?!

We will be going to Universal, the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Sea World, Ripley's Believe it or Not, the Blue Man Group and so much more. We will be busy!

Well, until next time!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Need an update!

So much has been going on.
Heidi came a couple of weeks ago. We had a very good time. We went dress shopping which was a lot of fun! She tried on a lot of dresses and was a great sport. She tried on everything!! She looked good in everyone too!! Alexiea came towards the end of the week and she was a lot of fun too!! (that is not the dress by the reminded me of the statue of liberty! ha)

We got the save-the-dates started while she was here too. She really helped a lot with that. I am not very good at the whole "label" thing and she rocked that out for me. Very...very...very greatful for her help.

It was also Alexieas birthday and Heidi got to meet Marcus' parents and her friends. She also had the pleasure of meeting Christine. We had a very good night. I unfortunetly had to cut the night a bit short but hey, we had a blast. Alexiea had a Marti Gras theme so everyone was wearing purple, yellow (or gold), and green.

I also got to see Heidi's sister Katy who just had a baby. He is so adorable!! He is a very quiet little guy. I love it when he sneezes!!

Well Heidi had to leave...and the week after was Marcus' birthday!! We went to his parents house and had a wonderful dinner. I got him a Packers jersey with his name on the back. He loved it! And then it snowed...

When it comes to other wedding things, we signed with our DJ. We are going with Bialek DJs. When Heidi was here we were able to meet up with one of the DJs and she was great. Her personality is exactly what we are looking for and I really think she will work out just fine. We finalized the save-the-dates and will hopefully be sending them out by next week. (I am very bad at getting motivated.) My dress came in one month early!! I go next Thursday to see it and try it on. I am very excited! Next step is cake!! Marcus cannot wait to try them!!

Well...until next time!!