Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well this is how my last couple of weeks have gone...

Last week around Tuesday or Wednesday I had a dull pain on my left side, around my abdomen. I didn't really think about it too much until Thursday came around and it was hurting pretty bad. I was so scared it was a kidney stone but my back wasn't hurting and the pain wasn't the same. So I went to the urgent care (or as my mom calls them - the Quick Quack) and she told me that I was going through a diverticulitis attach. Well if you are not sure what this is it is....

What is diverticulitis?
Diverticulitis happens when pouches form in the wall of the colon. If these pouches get inflamed or infected, it is called diverticulitis. Diverticulitis can be very painful.

Well it is painful! So I had to deal with that. I had some antibiotics...rested and then I was fine. RIGHT?! Wrong...
I went back to work on Monday. I was fine and feeling lets get on with my life. So I went to bed and around 3 AM I woke up with a bit of pain in my back. I used the restroom and came back to bed. The pain got a little worse and I started the "kidney shuffle". I could not get comfortable. Around this time Marcus had woken up to take the dog out so I told him about the pain. He asked what I wanted to do...and about 30 minutes later we were on the way to the hospital. Ugh...I hate hospitals!! 
Once we got there we got to the back pretty quickly. The drugs were kicking in!!! I got my scans and it was defiantly a kidney stone. A whopping 5!! Which basically means that is is small enough to pass but big enough for surgery. So I had to make a decision - go home and be MISERABLE for who knows how long to pass this or get the surgery and take that risk. It took awhile but I decided to get the surgery. 
So yesterday morning I woke up around 6AM to be ready for surgery. The nurse was not 100% sure what time it would be but I figured it would be in the AM to get it over and done with. I had to stop eating/drinking at 12AM to make sure I was ready. Around 8AM I was told it probably won't be until 3...well at 3, the doctor came in and told me 5PM! I was so hungry! I was telling the nurses that I would pay them $20 for a hamburger...they didn't go for it!! Well I went down right around 5. I was a bit excited because I could not wait to count down and have the best sleep ever. The nurses brought me into the room and I found out one of them lived in Boston for awhile and that she was looking for an apartment in Fairfax. I told her I was working at an apartment community and Fairfax was expensive.....AND THEN I WOKE UP. I was pissed!! All I wanted to do was count down to see how far I could get but NOOO...they had to trick me into it. Damn small talk. 
Once I got out of surgery all I wanted was to make sure Marcus was back and I wanted to see him. The nurse took me upstairs and his mom and him were waiting for me in the room. I got right up and used the bathroom and ate!! I was so hungry!! I finally left the hospital came home. It was so nice to be in my own bed. 
So that's whats been going on with me! I'm a mess! My brother told me to see about going to a dietitian and I agree. I am over all of this stupid crap. So I'm gonna see what I can do!  

Friday, July 1, 2011


So most (in not all) of you have heard of WWJD. Well I have changed it up a bit! Let me give you the background story to explain.

The other night I was not feeling well at all. I had a horrible case of heart burn, a really bad headache and my stomach was not 100%. My husband (who I love dearly!) is not the best when it comes to me being sick. He will get me anything I need but doesn't really know what to do more than what I ask of him. So normally I would turn to my mother. As you know, my mom and dad have moved to Miami. Not only is it hard on me personally, it really kills me when I'm sick. A mother knows EXACTLY what to do in a situation such as this. Well since my mother is not available, I had to think....What Would My Mother Do (hence the WWMMD!!) So as I was laying in bed, I thought of what my mother might say and this is what I did. I made myself get out of bed to take a shower (in "mom" words..."Krista...go take a nice hot showah...let the hot watah hit your head.) Well...that was fantastic! I then thought of her saying "Krista...once your out of the showah, come lay down with me and we will watch TV until you fall asleep". Well I grabbed Beauty and the Beast (DISNEY of course!!) and took my computer and put in in the bed with me and literally fell asleep to it. It worked!! So thanks mom for "being here" when I really needed you!! 

Since this is a mother post...I wanted to quickly thank my mother and mother - in - law for not being like this crazy woman. When I heard about this e-mail from a mother-in-law to her future daughter...I wanted to thank God for the wonderful mothers I have in my life. So THANK YOU!!! Below is the e-mail. WOW!!

It is high time someone explained to you about good manners. Yours are obvious by their absence and I feel sorry for you.
Unfortunately for Freddie, he has fallen in love with you and Freddie being Freddie, I gather it is not easy to reason with him or yet encourage him to consider how he might be able to help you. It may just be possible to get through to you though. I do hope so.
If you want to be accepted by the wider Bourne family I suggest you take some guidance from experts with utmost haste. There are plenty of finishing schools around.
Please, for your own good, for Freddie's sake and for your future involvement with the Bourne family, do something as soon as possible.
Here are a few examples of your lack of manners:
When you are a guest in another's house, you do not declare what you will and will not eat - unless you are positively allergic to something. You do not remark that you do not have enough food. You do not start before everyone else.
You do not take additional helpings without being invited to by your host.
When a guest in another's house, you do not lie in bed until late morning in households that rise early - you fall in line with house norms.
You should never ever insult the family you are about to join at any time and most definitely not in public. I gather you passed this off as a joke but the reaction in the pub was one of shock, not laughter.
You should have hand-written a card to me. You have never written to thank me when you have stayed.
You regularly draw attention to yourself. Perhaps you should ask yourself why.
No one gets married in a castle unless they own it. It is brash, celebrity style behaviour.
I understand your parents are unable to contribute very much towards the cost of your wedding. (There is nothing wrong with that except that convention is such that one might presume they would have saved over the years for their daughters' marriages.)
If this is the case, it would be most ladylike and gracious to lower your sights and have a modest wedding as befits both your incomes.