Thursday, July 29, 2010

TV shows

Marcus and I have DVR. Most of my shows are on it though!! So I thought I would take the time to tell everyone what I watch!! :)

Bethenny Getting Married? It is a reality show but its so funny. Bethenny is hilarious! She has the best one liners but for some crazy reason, they all make sense. She just got married and recently had a baby girl and I'm so excited for her. Its weird though, she is very emotional which if you have ever seen her on the Housewives show, its not like her.

Deadliest Catch It is so compelling! This is a show that Marcus and I both watch. If you haven't seen it, its about 5-6 different crab boats, crab fishing. Sounds boring but WATCH IT! The next time you go to a seafood place and take advantage of getting King Crabs - it won't happen after watching an episode of this!!

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD)
I started watching this the first season. It really makes you want to dance. They put on a lot of different types of dancing. Hip hop, Bollywood, Fox trot, etc. Its great! Of course its a competition but they haven't had a bad season yet. I always pick the winner early on but that is because I have an amazing eye for dance! GO KENT! :)

America's Got Talent I never got into this until this year. It is insane how many different types of people have the craziest,CRAZIEST...talents. Some of the people...TRAIN WRECK. That's really all I can say! The judges are fun too. Peirce Morgan, Sharon Osborne and Howie Mandel are a riot! Peirce is another "Simon" if you will. He gets very testie with the contestants. Sharon is the "Paula" of the show. She loves everyone but at the same time, she will tell you right away that you are NO GOOD! Howie - he tries really hard to be the tough guy but it doesn't work very well for him. He is a comedian. Not a hard ass!!

Big Brother - or...Big Brothah like my mom says!
This show is okay. Mostly ADDICTING if anything. I haven't watched it in about 2 years but this year, I accidentally had it on the channel and now the Big Brother addiction started again! Every season they have a "TWIST". This year there is a sabateur. I think the reason I like this show a lot more than other reality shows is because you can 100% tell that it's not fake. You never know what could happen the next week.

The Mentalist
This show will always have you guessing. The main character is very observant. He is able to look at a crime scene and basically tell you the who, what, where, why and hows. And its funny too! I am always laughing at the random things he does. Out of all of the murder shows and things like it, it is one of the best.

Greys Anatomy The only reason I got into this show was because of a Disney cruise! At night there are only a select FEW channels but one of the channels was the 1st or 2nd season of this show. This past season was insane though. People getting shot in the hospital, love affairs, break ups, new management, people leaving the show and coming back...oh and the Dr's did their thing too! All around good show but full of D.R.A.M.A.

My ratings are as follows:

Bethenny Getting Married - 4 1/2 stars
Deadlies Catch - 4 stars
SYTYCD - 4 starts
America's Got Talent - 3 stars
Big Brother - 4 stars
The Mentalist - 4 1/2 stars
Grays - 4 stars

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So...what's new?!

Wow..already the end of July! Where has the time gone? Let me catch everyone up...


Summer had started. The heat wave has been insane! I cannot believe how hot it has been. We had a HORRIBLE winter and I'm pretty sure everyone was wishing for summer. BAD IDEA! It is too hot now. I think the max we have had has been 105! If you know me well, you know that I am NOT enjoying it!

We celebrated our "3 year" anniversary of being together. We went to Carrabbas like we usually do. It was where we went for our very first date so we think it is appropriate. I'm not sure if you have ever sat at the food bar but I definitely think it is a must! If you sit over by the pasta area, you get a free sample of something. And the rest of the night, you get to see the cooks in action. I don't think Marcus and I talked once! He was loving it! I think that is our new seat when we go there. The food is always good..


This has been a crazy month!

July 4th was a crazy day. My work had a 4th of July "party". It was a great time. There were vendors (food, flowers, clothes, shaved ice, etc) up and down the main strip of our property, kid games across the street, a band was playing. A lot of work was put into it so we were very pleased about how well it came together. There is a field in the back of our property where everyone sat to watch the fireworks. Once it got dark (around 9:15ish) one set of fireworks started going off. Everyone thought they were for us but in fact, they weren't. So once those started, we were all running around making sure everyone knew what was going on. It was crazy! Once our fireworks started, things calmed down....until they STOPPED! They were supposed to be at least 20 minutes and this was only about 10! We couldn't believe it! Everyone started leaving and we got so nervous because we wanted to make sure everyone enjoyed it so we could do this next year. So after about 10 more minutes, they started up again! It was crazy! It ended great and come to find out, there was a small fire over where the fireworks were going off so they had to put that out before they started another set. But all in all, it was a great time!

The next weekend was very low key. I didn't want to do a lot because it took a couple of weeks just to get over the 13 hour day from the 4th. The weekend after was a really fun weekend. Naomi and Sean got married! It was a great time. She looked so beautiful! I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any pictures but it was a very beautiful ceremony and a great party after.

The next couple of months are going to be just as crazy for the Agee's. We are going to Boston in September. We are very excited about that! It will be a lot of fun to show Marcus where I "started". The month after we are finally moving into the condo! I CANNOT wait for that! If anyone wants to help move, we will take it! :)