Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well things are starting to settle down in the Agee household. We are about all done with unpacking everything. There are a couple more boxes that need to be opened and hopefully I will find a place to put them! It is very homey here though. I love just coming home and having that "It's ours" feel.
We finally got our pictures back from Bella Photography. They are great! I cannot wait to print them out and hang them up! They are exactly what I wanted!! We also got our wedding video from my Uncle Mike too. It is great! I cried more watching the video than I did on the wedding day!! ha ha
Well nothing is really new over here...let me know if you are reading this! I'd like to think that more than one person is reading this!!
Thanks everyone!! Until next time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving out!

Well...tomorrow is the big day! We are MOVING OUT! We are very, very, very excited! Our apartment is nothing special but it is OURS and that is the main thing! We have our own place! Don't get me wrong, living in my parents basement is great but...we are living in our parents basement...

So we are getting a 1 bedroom. It is on the 4th floor facing the trees. It is a quiet location too. Marcus used to live there so having visited him there before, I feel very comfortable with it. It has everything we need...nice kitchen, washer and dryer, patio, big living room, nice size bedroom and 2 closets. (Marcus has a lot of clothes!!) It is still in Woodbridge so we will be close to our families as well.

You never really understand how much CRAP you have until you pack it all up. The basement smells and looks like a huge cardboard box right now. It will be like Christmas opening it all up! :) That's my favorite part. I cannot wait to use the gifts from the wedding either! Thanks again to everyone that got us stuff! It will be coming in handy in the very near future!

Sally is coming to town soon. I cannot wait! She comes in the 26th and we are hoping to go see "Uncle Teddy" at the Arlington Cemetery and then on the 27th, we are going to carve pumpkins again. HA Last year was the first time we did it and it was a blast! We all got pumpkins and also the stencils and went to town. Sally didn't realize it but she carved it upside down!! She was trying to carve a bat and we had to make it into a smiley face instead. It was hilarious! Only Sally!! She will be staying with us (our first house guest) for a couple of days and then head over to keep Mom company. It will be a good visit for all parties involved.

Well wish us luck...and until next time!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


That's right, Marcus and I went to Disney for our honeymoon. We had an absolute blast!! I was a bit nervous that Marcus would not have the "magical" time that we all know Disney can bring but he did!!

Our room was amazing! It had a living room, full kitchen with all the appliances, bedroom, bath, and a huge patio. I felt like we were in a condo and not the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We were facing the back and I saw a giraffe within the first 5 minutes we were there. It was amazing! It was like they came out just for us! The first day we were there, we just hung out at the hotel and went to the pool. The pool was amazing! We went to Boma for dinner which is a buffet in the hotel that serves African and American food. It was amazing! They gave us a special dessert because we had our "Just Married" pins on. They definitely made us feel very special.

The next day was Disney's Hollywood Studios (or as I know it...MGM). We walked in and Marcus' eyes got very big! We got there just in time to see the High School Musical parade. We then walked over to an animation place and there he was...MICKEY!! I probably looked like a 4 year old! I was jumping up and down telling Marcus that I wanted to take a picture. We went on after that, just riding some rides and having lunch at the 50s Prime Time Cafe. We then have to head over to EPCOT. We had a good time there as well. We played in Innoventions for about an hour and then headed to the different countries. Marcus and I really enjoyed that. We would go in random places just to walk around. We had to waste some time because we had dinner reservations at Germany. Once we made it over there and got into the dinner, we piled our plates! The food was amazing! The Oompah band announced our marriage too! That was very special for us! Everyone raised their glasses and cheered us! Disney really knows how to make people feel special. After dinner was the fireworks! They are so amazing!!

The next day we went to Downtown Disney, DisneyQuest and Circus du Soleil. DisneyQuest is WORTH IT! It is a bit pricey but it was a blast. 5 floors of video games...Marcus was in love! You can go in and out all day too which is very nice. We got tickets to CdS and since we both have never seen anything like that, we did not know exactly what to expect. We were on the edge of our seats the whole show! I could not believe the things they were doing. Hanging up-side-down with no ropes, flipping on was all amazing! I would see it 5 times over! We ending up going to Planet Hollywood for dinner and then we walked through Pleasure Island to get home. One of the men noticed that we had our pins on so he took our names and put them on the TVs saying: Just Married Krista and Marcus! There were at least 15-20 TVs in there! We felt like celebrities!!

Next was the Magic Kingdom!! MY FAVORITE! We had a wonderful time in that usual. You really cannot have a bad time when you're in Disney. We did everything in that park. It was a very long day!! We stayed until after the fireworks as well. We did not have the best seats for them though. We sat right in front of the castle not thinking that the castle would be directly IN THE WAY! I was not that happy but we just made a joke out of it.

The rest of the week went by so fast. We ended up going back to MGM to go to a couple of things that we missed on the first day. We also went back to Downtown Disney to get some gifts for our families and then we relaxed! It was a wonderful honeymoon!! I was so excited to get home and see everyone to tell them and show them pictures!

On other news, Marcus and I got an apartment!! We move in October 13th and cannot wait!! I will update with pictures shortly!

Well...until next time!!