Sunday, March 27, 2011

March...almost gone?!

Wow..I really need to take the time to update more...

March is almost gone. Its been a great month so far. Marcus' birthday was on the 2nd. A tradition in the Agee family is to be able to pick out what ever you want for dinner/dessert for your birthday. Marcus wanted...KFC chicken, biscuits, and his moms ranch pasta salad. For dessert we bought a ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. It was very good! 

The birthday cake remix cake

Marcus and Duncan blowing out the candles

That weekend Alexiea had her baby shower. It was a lot of fun!! They played a couple of games (that I tried to cheat on and it did not work) and some good food and of course she got tons of great gifts.  We are all very excited for Raelyn Marie to come in May. Alexiea is at that moment now where she is getting a little uncomfortable but she is doing great. And she looks adorable!! 

The food table

Just a couple of the presents they got

Raelyn's first bathing suit!

The weather is starting to get a lot warmer - except for today. It SNOWED! It was insane to walk outside today and see snow on my car! I am still not smoking. It is great but really hard. There are days that I wish I could have just ONE puff but I know that one puff will lead to one cigarette which will lead to just smoking at buying a pack...and all of my hard work will fall. I have also stopped eating fast food - for lent. Things are going really well with that too. 

Just looking forward to a little vacation in April. Marcus, Zac and I are going to Myrtle Beach. It should be a great time!!